Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Moran Bank Consulting has the expertise to provide insight and education for your board to allow them to support your bank's goals while maintaining compliance for banking regulators.  Our Board of Director’s assessments provide your board with the tools that will motivate and energize them.

Management - Identifying Strengths and Overcoming Weaknesses

To help your board achieve high performance, Moran Bank Consuting, we will work directly with your board to:

  • Assess the Strengths of Individual Directors
  • Gain Insight Into Your Director's Understanding of Bank Goals and How They Can Help Achieve Them
  • Identify Areas For Improvement to Overcome Weaknesses
  • Improve Communication Flow For Information
  • Provide Insight Into Your Directors Business Relationships and External Social Networking
  • Target Necessary Levels and Involvement For Critical Business Decisions To Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Contact Moran Bank Consulting today to develop your board into the partner your bank needs for success!

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