Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Strategic thinking is critical for long-term success. Please select from the options below to learn more about how Moran Consulting Group can help you think, and act, strategically.


The community banking landscape is constantly changing. The pace of change is accelerating, driven by technological advances as well as regulatory responses to various crises. Regulators have been very clear that a well-informed, independent directorate is critical to the banking industry. We can tailor a Director Education service to suit your requirements, ranging from a one-time engagement to a continuing engagement with periodic educational sessions (usually quarterly). These sessions can be performed more or less frequently over shorter or longer periods according to your needs.


The community banking landscape is constantly changing, and the pace of change is accelerating as a result of recent financial events. These changes require continual updating of your officers’ knowledge base, if you expect these individuals to be prepared for promotion in to senior leadership roles. In previous generations, grooming of future executives was accomplished by through correspondent bank management training systems, where individuals were exposed to all the major departments and allowed to function under close supervision to obtain banking experience. Sadly, that option has disappeared and is no longer generally available to community banks.

The shrinking pool of trained and experienced community bankers may be the most significant, time sensitive threat to the long-term survival of community banks, especially those in rural areas where attracting talent is a challenge.

Moran Consulting Group can help develop an officer training program and deliver training in our areas of expertise. Education and training engagements are customized to fill the educational needs of each bank. Contact us today for more information on how we can help develop your team.


Many regulatory applications, rehabilitation mandates and bank holding company loan covenants contain requirements for multi-year forecasts to demonstrate the bank’s ability to perform over a long period of time (usually 5, 10 or 12 years) within regulatory and loan covenant constraints. Moran Consulting Group has extensive experience in preparation of long-range financial forecasts. Our proprietary systems are designed to integrate past and current financial performance with long-range assumptions in a manner that is rational and easy to understand. In addition, our team has experience in communicating to regulators and lenders the overarching assumptions as well as the nuances found in the forecasts.


As a bank grows and seeks to diversify its customer base and market, there arises the need to determine the financial feasibility of opening a new location. APC has performed numerous financial feasibility studies and tracked actual performance relative to our original plans. This experience has allowed us to develop a powerful, simple process to examine the financial feasibility of a proposed location by focusing on capital(land, building, equipment investment), operating costs(personnel, occupancy, marketing and general overhead) and balance sheet growth (loans, core deposits and transferred funds).


We have been conducting strategic planning retreats for almost 40 years. We have performed these services in a variety of formats and welcome the opportunity to discuss how our involvement in your planning process can improve communication, align expectations and increase shareholder value.


With nearly 40 years of experience in the community bank marketplace, the APC team has worked with numerous community banks through the phases of their life cycles and through strong and weak economic times. We can help your board assess the bank’s current strategic situation and establish an appropriate strategic direction for the bank.

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